Floyd and Southwest Virginia is an area filled with fascinating things to do, no matter what your interest may be! Finding events and planning a trip to the area can be challenging, but these useful sites can make it significantly easier! These websites are all great for finding the best in restaurants, hotels, and attractions in Southwest Virginia.



MySWVA.org :

This site is a great resource for anyone trying to find interesting things to do in SWVA. The whole site is dedicated to the area and recently got a huge update, making it a great place to discover tons of events. The site also features an interactive map allowing users to plot the places they want to visit online and create a travel guide to take them through Southwest VA. If you’re looking for an easy way to plan a trip to the area, this site is a fantastic option!



This is one of the more popular sites for news related to the area and also serves as a great way to find events going on! When looking for local events, SWVA Today’s Entertainment section makes it easy to find interesting things going on in the area. There’s a lot of content on this site so you’ll always be sure to find something exciting, interesting, or engaging going on in the area!



The Chamber of Commerce in Floyd, VA runs this fantastic website, making it easy to find everything from concerts and fairs to a place to eat! This site is a great place to look if you haven’t visited the area before, providing information on how to plan a whole trip. The site is very user friendly and is a fantastic resource to anyone not familiar with Floyd and the SWVA area.



Sporting a huge calendar of events in the area, FloydCountyVirginia is another great option for finding activities. This is the site to use if you are looking for smaller events specific to Floyd, like yoga classes or karaoke. This is a good place to look for visitors and locals alike!



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