Grayson Van Beuren, a grad student at Virginia Tech, has completed another semester of work at the Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum in Floyd.  He returned this school year as the museum agreed to host his Project & Report as part of his Masters work, related to public humanities.  Grayson worked very hard to bring many exhibit pieces in the museum back to life.  Computers such as the iconic Apple Macintosh Plus are in perfect working order and accessible to museum visitors. Other computers restored by Van Beuren include the Cybernetics Systems “Mathiputer”, the Commodore 128, and the Apple ][ e. The public is welcome to visit the museum and they are encouraged to interact with operational devices.

“Retro” Games are available on the Apple computers for anyone who wishes to try his or her hand at the games of the past. Retro learning equipment is also available.  Operational hardware is on hand designed to teach basic wiring skills and also a device that tests your mental math skills.

Because of Grayson’s enthusiasm for these historic computers and games, there is incentive for people of all ages to see what the “bugs” are all about.

The history and all of these great computers and devices, many that have been restored by Grayson Van Beuren, are for the education and entertainment of the history-loving, computer-loving, or just plain curious!  Stop by for a visit when you are in town.


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