Chantilly farm has been granted the honor of receiving the 2015 “Business of the Year” award, presented by the Floyd County Chamber of Commerce. Chantilly Farm is home to a wide variety of growing regional events that include the Chantilly Farm Bluegrass & BBQ Festival, Floyd Auto Fair, Floyd Livestock & County Fair, and an increasing number of concerts, sporting events and other festivities.  The camping and event ground sits in beautiful hills of Floyd county Virginia and, while being out of the way of any major traffic, is conveniently close to the town of Floyd and the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway.

Chantilly has been blessed incredible support from the community that has helped them to receive this award. The beautiful and fully equipped campground draws in tourists and patrons to Floyd County year round that shop and support the local businesses, not to mention their special events! Chantilly farm brought over 17,000 event patrons to Floyd County in its 2015 spring season alone. It is this incredible support of the community that truly sets Chantilly Farm apart from the competition and makes it an important part of Floyd County.


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